by Maya Sayre

You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you’re approached by a 7.5 foot tall Chewbacca, offered to have your portrait painted as a zombie, and have played games until you fall into a sleep-induced coma.

Welcome to GenCon; THE convention for gamers.

This was my first GenCon experience, and I whole-heartedly admit it will not be my last. I heard tales of the wonders one could experience at GenCon…and let me say I was not disappointed.

I came home with a few less dollars in my pockets, but richer in an understanding of D&D and other games. Seriously, I was genuinely moved by the people at GenCon. Everyone who came by the Aidan 5 booth seemed really interested in the project, and many visitors even offered to help!

Oh, and I must mention our screening on Saturday night! I had no idea what to expect. (I don’t think any of us did!) We were prepared for about 15 or 20 people, and had planned to raffle off an AIDAN 5 shirt based on those numbers.

When we arrived at the screening location, the theater was already half-full. By the time the lights went down, we had counted 99 people! Having that many people there to witness the results of our hard work was rather surreal, and I think all of us were blown away by the positive response we received.

We made some friends too… “The Mercury Men,” another black-and-white sci-fi webseries is something everyone should check out!  They are creative folks, with a heck of a story on their hands.  Visit to find out more.

Again, thanks to everyone who attended the screening, and to those who stopped by the booth to say hello. You definitely made my (and our) GenCon experience something I (we) will always remember.

(**Our apologies to those who attended the GenCon screening of Aidan 5. Due to the large numbers of attendees, we didn’t have enough raffle tickets to give away the AIDAN 5 shirt. But all is not lost!  We will be holding an online raffle to make up for that.  An email will be drawn at random on 8/31/09, so be sure to register your email for your chance to win!)